How it works

Simply provide a list of critical spares for a machine including the suppliers details to This may comprise of multiple items.

A unique QR code on a plate or label, for attaching to the machine, will be provided.

Download a QR code app on your device either iphone/pad, smart phone or tablet.

On scanning the QR code with your device you will connect direct to linking to your specific list of critical spares for that machine.

Click the spares item required, this will provide options;

  1. Quantity required
  2. Get quotations from original/preferred supplier
  3. Get quotations from alternative suppliers
  4. Order from original/preferred supplier

An email will be directed to the original/preferred supplier requesting a quotation or re-order of a part, a copy email of the request and the subsequent response will be sent direct to you.

Other features for a specific machine would be;

  • View a pdf version of an arrangement/assembly drawing to establish a item number
  • View a pdf version of a parts list/bill of material to cross reference the item
  • Access to a password protected user area, accessible from any device; desk top computor, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

The cost of the package.

The initial cost includes;

The basic spares management system;

  • Uploading of a list of critical spares onto
  • The creation of a password secure member area on the website
  • The creation and supply of a unique QR code on a plate or label for each machine
  • The facility to order or request a quotation.
  • Periodical updates of spare parts usage and spend.

The initial contract period is 12 months and is based on the number of items per machine with optional renewal after the first year at a reduced rate.

The spares management system offered by Your Machine Spares Ltd guarantees that your company maximises its production capability with machines operating at a high availability with the added value of potential cost savings on spare parts.