The online spares management system provided by Your Machine Spares Ltd uses the QR Code method of transferring data and provides a ‘real time’ list of critical spares for a machine. By attaching a unique QR Code on a machine or equipment adjacent to the name/rating plate, scanning this with an iphone/pad, smart phone or tablet you will have immediate access to a preferred list of critical spares for that machine. From this list you choose an option to request a quotation or to order a part.

The Your Machine Spares system offers the following Benefits:

  • Instant access to the machines critical spares eliminating the need to refer to an operation and maintenance manual which is probably housed in an office away from the machine/line.
  • Reduced need to access an arrangement or assembly drawing of the machine, identify the part and cross reference to a bill of material or parts list.
  • The facility to send an email immediately to the original or preferred supplier of the part requesting a quotation or re-ordering a part.
  • The facility to send an email immediately to request and obtain comparative quotations for parts from an alternative supplier.
  • Access to a password protected user area providing the facility to monitor the frequency of spare parts replacement and annual spare parts spend on individual machines with a view to planning an annual spare parts management regime.

For Machine suppliers the added benefit and opportunity to ensure all spare parts orders are directed to you, thus enhancing your spares supply business.